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GreenBoardroom, the Premier Corporate Golf Members Group after only 6 seasons, has grown to over 100 members. The reason for our success is simple - we offer the most flexible golf membership available. The benefits are clear and are: a calendar at venues from the Top100 Golf Courses; GreenBoardroom quality; a service that is guaranteed; access to our growing list of business partners and the GB network of business owners and decision-makers.

We invite you to attend a golf day as a non-member to try GB at a discounted member rate and you can then simply decide which of the two membership options are best suited to you or your business - GB Club or GB Corporate. GreenBoardroom membership is unique and offers members the following: total flexibility; control of your golfing budget; the choice of one or more event options (GB Breakfast Club, GB Club or GB Platinum Club) and you can book as many events as you please throughout the year. As we said - total flexibility.

Booking  Events.

We recommend; To book your next GreenBoardroom Event download the 'Golf Hubber' App from Google Play or The App Store. This is your one stop solution to view, book and purchase your next event with GreenBoardroom and experience the added value of Golf Hubber.To start Download Golf Hubber App

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  • Search for GreenBoardroom by clicking the search icon on the top right of the screen
  • Follow GreenBoardroom to receive notifications of the next event and the news feed.

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  • Click on Pro-shop bottom of the screen; Followed by Events.

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Booking on the GreenBoardroom Website.Alternatively; You can view, book and purchase your events via the GreenBoardroom Booking Page. Click on the button below.

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Calendar 2022- Events being added soon.

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