Business Partners List
List of business partners available for discount products and services

Business Partner List

Welcome to the Business Partner page. Greenboardroom are here to assist our members with the benefit of a network of effective and helpful business partners to offer exclusive cost saving opportunities for you and your business.

  •  All our chosen partners will offer exclusive deals to GreenBoardroom Members.
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Golf Leisure & Business Partners | Exclusive GreenBoardroom Member Discounts

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Lawson Golf & GreenBoardroom Founder Ben Lawson PGA

Golf Lessons | Golf Coaching Breaks | Corporate Golf Event Organisation

Lawson Golf offers varied coaching programs for all ages and abilities from beginners to elite players! Lessons can be taken in various ways including individual one-to-one private tuition,  group tuition or a  popular lesson format is to share a golf lesson with a friend or family member. Each coaching session will be tailored to meet  your individual needs, highlighting the key areas that will have the greatest impact on your game. Sessions include: pre-lesson interview, video analysis, post- lesson strategy.

Significant discounts are available to visitors to this site. GreenBoardroom members will receive further exclusive discounts! 

ExecFitt | Healthy Lifestyle Coaching.
At ExecFitt we combine over 50 years experience of business leadership as well as being qualified exercise and nutrition practitioners. This is a unique combination of skills and personal experience that has provided us with the insights of successfully maintaining a healthy lifestyle whilst building and maintaining a successful professional career and family life. This enables us to provide tailored individual and group based programs to guide you to a healthier lifestyle. 


    Welcome to Bunker Mentality, a brand devoted to golf and dedicated to STYLE in golf clothing. Whatever level you play at we believe you should do it in STYLE. It is our mission to bring you that style with a new dress code for the modern golfer. We recognise golf is a game of heritage and it is our intention to create new traditions and future classics in golf clothing. Whether you're looking for trendy golf polos, funky golf trousers or you're a Golf Punk, Bunker Mentality is the brand for your designer golf clothing. 

    My Online Golf Club | The complete golf handicap solution
    Includes the following features | Submit unlimited scorecards | Free golf handicap calculator | Track your hanidcap online | Maintain a recognised handicap | Save all of your golf statistics | Chart illustrations of your results | Advanced detailed stroke analysis


    Golf GameBook app is a fun, fast and easy way to keep your score while playing golf. It’s free to download and free to use. The era of paper and pencil is over. Golf Gamebook will be our scoring provider for events.

     Official supplier to the PGATechniblock | Sunscreen is a non-greasy, non-sticky, fast drying and long lasting aerosol sun protection spray that is extremely comfortable to wear and easy to apply. It provides instant protection that is almost invisible on the skin. The lightweight formula is very waterproof, fragrance-free and breathable, making it the best sunscreen for those that suffer from prickly heat. Available in a range of SPFs to suit every skin type, shop now and discover why Techniblock Sunscreen is the best for you and your family.


    Bespoke | Recruitment solutions for the construction sector

    Bespoke Recruitment is an award winning industry specific organisation established with the sole aim of providing the highest possible standards of service in the recruitment of permanent and temporary candidates for the construction, technical and rail sector.


    Express Sourcing | Branding Merchandise

    Welcome to our world of creativity and ideas.

    We are passionate about sourcing and branding merchandise. We never forget that our primary responsibility is to supply quality products that will enhance your brand and ensure maximum impact in the marketplace. We work with honesty, integrity and total commitment.   We don't work with boring catalogues, we prefer to talk to our clients and tailor their merchandise.  We benefit form having our own 30,000ft in house screening facility.  We care about getting results for you.

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